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Guild News

Patch Day Reminders

by vanillabean, 3 days ago

7.1 launches today!

Some patch day reminders!

  • Run your virus scanner
  • Update your addons
  • Have fun with your downtime

7.1 Patch Notes

Highlights of the patch notes include MOAR WORLD QUESTS, new mounts, KARAZHAN, and tank damage finally being nerfed.

Thursday Mythics this week will include Karazhan.

Tomorrow's raid MAY include a heroic first boss (!!!)

Happy Patch Day!

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Trial of Valor

by vanillabean, 7 days ago

So I am on the PTR right now testing Trial of Valor and OMFG it is pretty intense.

Once it launches, Trial of Valor will require an 850 ilvl on normal.

So let's get those ilvls up, people!

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