Guild News

Odyn is DEAD

by vanillabean, 2 days ago

Or, defeated as the case may be.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us in this battle! As I said last week, progression raiding can be disheartening and frustrating, but the payoff is AWESOME.


♥ Bean

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Making Things Better

by vanillabean, 25 days ago

hi wave flirting waving whale

Hi guild. We need to talk.

Things haven't been great lately, have they? I've noticed it. I bet you have too. And if you haven't, then I am bringing it to your attention.

When I created this guild, I envisioned a community that spanned the entirety of this awesome game. Currently, getting 5 people together to do a mythic/+ seems to be beyond our reach.

I need to know how we fix this. We have an awesome group of awesome people. So how do we push ourselves to be MORE? I know we can be. I know we can be an actual community.

I am here, and I am listening to any and all suggestions.

♥ Bean

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