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by vanillabean, 14 days ago

Ok, that was bad. But I am in such a good mood you guys! We killeded her! YAY US

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Raids in 2017

by vanillabean, 19 days ago

In an effort to cancel fewer raids, we are going to start pugging to fill the holes.

This means I really need people to sign up for when they are available, so I can start forming the group as early as 6:00-6:30pm on raid night. That way, we aren't spending a lot of time in LFG, cutting into our raid time.

We are also in need of a tank for Wednesday night raids, as our lovely Mr. Belthasar has a class. He will still be joining us on Sundays!


Nighthold opens on the 17th. We can try going in on the 18th, but from what I understand the ilvl needed is 875. Lurkee told me that the first few bosses drop 870 gear, which would be a great improvement for a lot of us. If anyone has thoughts, please feel free to thought-ify.

You are all awesome nerds, and I am so excited to take on the next tier of raid content with you!

♥ Bean

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